Citro Fresh Organic Sanitizer

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Quick Overview

  • The worlds first certified organic sanitiser 

  •  Safe for humans and animal consumption. 

  •  Certified 100% Organic. 

  •  Ideal for use in Food courts ,Restaurants, Child care centers, Homes, clinics and Hospitals 

  •  Effective upto 48 hours 

  •  Kills 99.9% of germs 

  •  A must have for every household and establishment. 

  •  Available in 2 sizes : 500ml and 60 ml 

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CitroFresh, produced in Australia, is a unique range of organic and natural products for cleaning, sanitizing and preserving your modern way of living without sacrificing your health. It is a good alternative to toxic cleaners and disinfectants.

 Keep your home free from harmful germs and even more harmful chemicals. 

Kills bacteria . Kills fungi . Kills mould . Kills mildew. 


  • Citrofresh is a new and unique phyto - pharmaceutical 
  • Citrofresh is a totally natural organic compound. 
  • Citrofresh has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity, which works against bacteria, (gram positive and gram negative) viruses, moulds, yeast and fungi. 
  • Citrofresh is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-tainting and non-volatile. 
  • Citrofresh has extended action (residual effect), but does not possess a knock down or shock action. 
  • Citrofresh has the ability to break down biofilm. 
  • Citrofresh is effective even in the presence of organic matter 
  • The Citrofresh mechanism of action is by the destruction of the cell wall. 


 Citro fresh In Schools and childcare: 

Unlike convectional disinfectants citro fresh can be sprayed directly into toys utensils and furniture without harming children or toddlers if consumed by accident 

Items such as shared toys have a high risk of transmitting diseases through physical contact of contaminated surfaces. Citro fresh gives you added protection and prevents the risk of hand foot ,mouth disease common among children. 

 Citrofresh at home:

Through direct application citro fresh helps Ensure freshness of food in the kitchen and can prolong shelf life of fresh foods like fruits and seafood , vegetables meat and poultry, without any risk of food poisioning  

It can used as a sanitizer for all household items such as furniture without the risk of harmful and corrosive residue. 

 Citro fresh in restaurants: 


Citro fresh helps Ensure freshness in foods in the kitchen and can prolong the shelf life and will reduce the risk of food poisoning of fresh foods like fruits and seafood,vegetables,meat and poultry . 

It can used as a sanitizer for all household items such as furniture without the risk of harmful and corrosive residue. 

 Citro fresh in hotels and hostels: 

Can be used as a sanitizer for furniture without the risk of harmful and corrosive residue. 

Adds value to the hotel/hostel by assuring customers and guests that their rooms are protected and sanitised by the first and currently only sanitiser.  

 Hospitals and clinics: 

It is designed for use in Hospitals and clinics where hygiene is a primary concern 

It helps reduce the risk of poisoning through bacterial contamination by applying on the hands before meals and can be used by nurses and doctors before handiling patients. 












Water, Organic fruit acids, Organic vegetable glycerine and bitter orange extract.